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Purple Stars Youth Academy

The Fall academy cycle is 8 weeks, 2 sessions per week, equaling 16 total sessions. Spring stars will receive one (1) black academy jersey. Summer stars will receive one (1) purple academy jersey. Fall stars will receive one (1) white academy jersey.

Late registration payment amounts will be pro-rated in relation to each session missed.

Purple Stars need to bring soccer shorts, socks, shin guards and cleats to each session. Purple Stars should come with enough water/liquids to stay cool and hydrated during hot summer/early fall evening sessions.


SPRING 150.00 3/1/21 TO 5/10/21 Summerwood Park 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm MONDAY AND WEDNESDAYS
SUMMER 150.00 6/14/21 to 8/11/21 Garin Park 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm MONDAY AND WEDNESDAYS
FALL 150.00 9/13/21 TO 11/17/21 Balfour Guthrie Park 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm MONDAY AND WEDNESDAYS


Late registrations are welcome. SportsEngine will compute a pro-rated registration fee based on how many sessions are left.  Currently accepting payment online only. 


This program has been specifically designed for our youngest AJAX East Bay players. Our little stars! Our goal is to create the player's relationship with the ball and a love of the game through a blend of SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness), FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills), Coordinative / Technical Development and Free Play in AEB's age-appropriate curriculum. AJAX's USSF/NSCAA certified staff will be conducting the academy program. 

Players will learn how to develop the essential movement patterns that all children should experience to develop their brains, thus creating the foundation for all learning. The academy program is ideal for all 4 to 6 year old kids. Our academy strives to achieve a 6 player-per-coach ratio in order to provide the oversight of the players development. Coaches will engage the players in a range of fun, playful and creative floor based activities along with FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills), coordination/technical skills and free play scrimmages in AEB's purpose-built age-appropriate curriculum. 

All training sessions will be led by USSF/NSCAA Licensed instructors and early essential movement qualified staff. All sessions will utilize state of the art custom SAQ International Speed, Agility and Quickness equipm
ent. Most importantly, we want our little stars to have fun while participating in this program. Training sessions will also be assisted by some of our club's older players to foster a family atmosphere.


The AJAX East Bay Academy program is based on the most recent discoveries in neurological science. Creating these new neurological connections in the brain gives the child secure foundations for all movement and learning. It gives many children a chance to 'catch up' with their peers physically, emotionally and cognitively and fulfill their potential. The development of the brain is dependent on the quality of physical activity and movement in the first few months and years of life. 

To accomplish the basic task of 'wiring up' the brain and the body, five movement patterns should be learned by children so they develop an understanding of opening and closing / top and bottom / front and back / left and right / both sides of the body working independently. 

There is substantial evidence that if a typically developing pre-school child performs all of these patterns they will be ready for formal learning and all that a school offers. 

Although these skills are different and the mastery of one does not guarantee a similar mastery of another at the same stage, the importance of gaining an understanding of all seven senses, especially balance and proprioception will ensure children develop normally. If Developmental Movement is not addressed at this point it will limit future potential learning.


Vincent Baldwin

Operations Director