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Competitive Program

2021/2022 Competitive Program Information

2021/2022 Competitive Program Fees

Age Group/Birth Year Registration Fee (non-refundable) Training Fees Total Fees Monthly Installments - 7 months
U8 (2014) and younger $235 $840 $1075 $120
U9/U10 (2013 & 2012) $240 $1085 $1325 $155
U11/U12 ( 2011 & 2010) $235 $1190 $1425 $170
U13 (2009) and older $250 $1225 $1475 $175
NPL (National Premier League)

Ajax East Bay Registration Season: 

U14 and Under - 12 month season: June, 1 2021 - May 31,  2022 

U15 and above  - 9 month season:  mid November - mid February  off for High School season. Season begins June, 1 2021 and ends May 31, 2022

Training Fees

Registration fees cover all expenses associated with the normal operation of Ajax East Bay Soccer Club, including but not limited to of the costs of the following:  Coaching staff salary, field rentals, referee fees ,  player cards and Fall and Spring season of NorCal Premier.

Discounts and Additional Costs


$100 discount if registration paid in full with the first payment.
$100 sibling discount (applies to the second child enrolled in the competitive program).


  • Uniforms - Cost is approximately $160 for both the Home and Away kits.  Ajax East Bay Uniforms may change every 2-3 years. 
  • Training Shirts - $10-15 - Each team will choose the training shirt to be worn. 
  • Team Fees - All players on a team share the cost for the purchase of equipment such as balls, pinnies, cones etc.  Typical fees can range from $50-$75
  • Tournaments - Each team will determine their tournament schedule.  Coaches will present an Annual Plan after tryouts with the number of tournaments expected and approximate cost.


Competitive soccer is for focused, highly motivated, talented players, who want to experience the enjoyment and developmental benefits that come from a) professional coaching, b) a high volume of soccer, and c) training and competing with and against other focused, talented, achievement-oriented players. Recreational soccer is focused on equal play in a non-competitive environment, and offers a social experience for youth soccer players.

Competitive players train regularly to develop soccer skills and training habits that will enable them to acquire a sense of mastery and competence (with a focus on long-term rather than short-term development), and to compete successfully in inter-club competitions. When a player becomes part of AJAX East Bay's competitive soccer program, they begin a journey that ultimately not only strengthens their game, but also teaches the life skills of teamwork, dedication, friendship and being part of a supportive community.

Why should my child join AJAX East Bay's Competitive Program?

Competitive soccer is designed to develop players’ passion, skill and level of competition, through professional coaches, dedicated volunteers and a specific standard level of competition. Our competitive soccer program is well respected and successful, and our teams have won championships at the local, and state level. We also have sent 10 players to Cal North's prestigious Olympic Development Program (ODP) in 2018, with 7 players making the travel roster and participating in national level competition. 


AJAX East Bay teams participate in NorCal Premier and attend State Cup events. Our elite teams may also participate in Cal North's most competitive bracket which is the California Regional League (CRL). These teams also attend out of region/ state events which are highly competitive. 


Once your child has completed tryouts, you will be contacted via email regarding placement. If you accept the team placement, you will next be contacted by the Team Manager who will walk you through preparing for season, from our online registration process, to uniform information and more.


Yes, you must register online prior to the tryout session. Tryouts this year will begin May 10th  and are for placement for the entire fall, winter and spring seasons. AJAX East Bay also employs a rolling tryout policy. Players hoping to join AJAX East Bay's competitive program after tryouts have concluded should contact our DOC, Mike Rainsford, and will be evaluated and placed as space and ability permit.  


Experienced, professional coaches will coach all of our competitive teams.


There are several levels of teams within each age group. AJAX East Bay will create as many teams as we have qualified coaches and dedicated players for. Each level of team is referred to by its own distinct name. All teams require a commitment to the team, a consistent work ethic, support of the coach and club expectations. Be aware that the highest level teams in each age group will have a rigorous training schedule and will compete in several out of region and or state tournaments each year.

My child plays other sports. Can they still play on a AJAX competitive team?

We recognize that many players enjoy other sports. This is an important consideration in team placement for your child. The higher the level of team, the greater the expectation for training, travel and costs. When a team travels, our goal is to compete to win the tournament. If you know that your child will have conflicts with other sports or family commitments, you should discuss that with the coaching staff PRIOR to team placement. When you accept a team placement, you are committing to all the player expectations for the team. Players should have a positive soccer experience if they are placed on the team that meets their soccer ability as well as personal goals.

What's the first step in the AJAX competitive tryout process?

All players who wish to participate on a AJAX East Bay team should attend a scheduled try-out session. Current AJAX players are observed throughout the soccer season at both training and matches by members of the AJAX coaching staff to ensure placement on the most appropriate team for the ensuing season. Non-AJAX players considering placement on a AJAX team will be observed at a try-out session by the AJAX coaching staff.

How are players evaluated at tryouts?

For current AJAX players, the formal try-out session is a small tool used in team placement. Players are evaluated at training and matches throughout the year by their team coach and other AJAX staff coaches. AJAX coaches will have made a comprehensive evaluation of current players prior to try-outs. Tryouts begin May 10th and end June 6th. Some of the criteria used in the evaluation process include:

–Club or team played on for the previous season
–Technical ability
–Skill in the air
–Speed of play
–Movement off the ball
–Work rate

Teams begin at the copper level, and players can progress through bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and ultimately, premier levels. 


1-2 days after tryouts commence, you will receive a formal email from the club with an offer to join the team. A reasonable decision period (48 hours) should be allowed for the selected player to make a determination. In the event, a selected player does not accept the invitation; the first player next in ranking should be offered the invitation.

Once all the players accept, then all other players should be notified that they did not make the team. These notifications will also be via email, and will include guidance on areas to work on. The sign of a top club is not only how they treat those who are selected, but how they ensure proper placement and treatment for those trying to further their soccer skills. All non-selected and wait listed player notifications shall be made and completed within 3 days of the final tryout date.

Once my child accepts a spot on a team, what's next?

A season registration link will be sent via email, which will allow you to enter player information and submit payment. Your player will then be officially placed on the roster of his/her respective team, and you will be notified of a parent/player meeting at which time key information regarding the club and upcoming season will be disseminated. For existing teams, the Team Manager will begin to distribute information. If you are new to AJAX, the Team Manager is a volunteer parent who serves as the liaison between the club and parents/players and will be contacting you to discuss registration/uniforms/player accounts and other essential information.

All selected players are required to sign a contract to commit to AJAX East Bay for an entire season including spring and fall. The contract will be made available by the head coach and or team manager at the initial parent/player team meeting. No player pass will be issued until a fully completed player contract is on file along with a valid birth certificate.

I think my child should have been placed on a higher level team. How can I get them moved up?

We recognize that tryouts are stressful for both players and parents and we understand that everyone has high expectations. The AJAX coaching staff is quite adept at evaluating player technical skill, athleticism, work rate and potential. During tryouts, each player will be “scored” by several different AJAX coaches to ensure an accurate assessment. Remember, for current AJAX players, they have been observed all year and their placement is not based solely on their performance at tryouts. We encourage you to trust our player evaluations and support your child as they settle in with their assigned team. Your positive attitude will contribute to their growth and soccer experience.

How do I get more involved with my team at AJAX East Bay?

We’re excited to have you join the AJAX East Bay family. There are many opportunities to get involved with the club, from volunteering as a Team Manager, Team Treasurer, to volunteering for events and organizing and supporting team fundraising activities. Please contact Shannon Sanders – to learn more.